How far are we willing to go in a casting to get the position? This actress, singer, poet, dancer, pianist and much more, is delivered to the jury to be chosen.

TODO LO QUE NO SOY (EVERYTHING I´M NOT) manifest the obstacles that will put the world of work and the market system in the personal fulfillment of young people, putting them in the imperative of sacrificing their artistic dignity to the demands of an impersonal market.


Performing piece where the text is a living material. The audience reception modifies and touch the structure of the scene and whats happens on stage. In a casting format where a game happens between the audience, the performer and the lights technician. By this way, the audience and the technician become the same jury which value the performer. Meanwhile she makes efforts to reach an irreal objetive: trying to be what she´s not, going far away from herself. Then it appears the biographic theme, as a pretext of “Carlota Berzal” to expose and lie about her own life, fighting to conquer the jury that ask and ask for more.

Todo lo que no soy-Carlota Berzal


Performer and Creator: Carlota Berzal

Light Design, Sound and Performer: María Viñuela

Production:  La Turba Company



FAKI Festival 2015 Croatia  

LOFT Festival 2016 Chile

Excentric Festival  2016 Argentine

DELBORDE Festival Flores 2018 Argentine

Minimum Culture Festival 2020 Spain

ERASCIS Disadvantaged Areas, Cruz Roja 2020 Spain

Seville Provincial Council Development Program 2021 Spain



«In spite of her youth, Carlota Berzal has been a hardworkeduntil she becomes a great artist that touches all the artistic fields and impregnates them with personality. A seal that can be seen in the final moments of the performance where criticism sharpens and the artist strips off everything that is not to stay in the essence. There appears the butoh dance and the most intimate moment of the piece, which erases any hint of a previous smile to transport us to the real slap of staying in the skin, without makeup or wrapping. Who are we really? That is the question that La Turba throws at the viewer. We don’t know, but La Turba is personality and good work.»

Fran García- El Bombín de Lautrec

«This Carlota Berzal (presented with her real name) displays her incompetence as a pianist, dancer, poet and singer while telling us about her origins, her childhood, her supposed successes and recognitions with an admirable rhythm and histrionic ability. With the use of few technical elements in an almost empty space builds her story flawlessly and the final scene, Carlota stripping off all that is not, is deeply moving.»

Nicolás Decia- Cultura del Ser

«Dressed in a wig and disguised after excessive makeup, the actress is shelling pieces of her life and her activity in front of the public, who laughs because Carlota Berzal really has the humor when she has to express herself.»

Francisco Javier Aguirre- Zaragoza Buenas Noticias

«We see the protagonist fail because she is unable to fit into the strange theater market (and life) expect. Carlota is powerful and brave: she gives herself to the ridiculous and the grotesque without hesitation.»

David Montero- El

«Fusing performance with plastic art from a more intimate and existential dimension is the project of actress Carlota Berzal, Todo lo que no soy (Everything I´m not), a stage that highlights the obstacles that the labor world puts and the market system in the personal fulfillment of young people, putting them in the imperative of sacrificing their artistic dignity to the demands of an impersonal market.»

Jose Juan Martínez Bueso- Revista Madreselva